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Nov 14, 2013 12:00am PST
the real decisions. the man that we talked about last year, mr. obama. we had real hopes for him. right away, he caved on afghanistan. what he has said since then is an extension of the military industrial security state. now it is global. the soviet union ended in 1991, but we didn't stop growing. now we are listening on the whole world. we have space weaponry. we have drowned weaponry. we have cyber warfare. we have the -- we are the strongest country in the world bar none. no one can stand up to us. tavis: what do you make of the high hopes that you and others had for this president on this and other issues? let's just stay with the spying and the drones in the torture. -- and the torture. >> i am really surprised. i really believed in obama. i believed in transparent government policies and none of that has transpired. on the contrary, he is a better manager of the empire than bush ever was. it is wrong. he is a constitutional s cholar. bush made a fatal flaw. we were attacked by terrorists. instead of hunting down those people through intelligence, informers, through the usual proc
Nov 27, 2013 12:00am PST
are teetering on the brink of collapse. article talking about the obama care debacle. they are saying it is much like issue.rina that is true if not being able to log on is as ad is being stuck in the superdome for days. people tryingany to shape the way we see it that it is really clutter. of shaping the way we see things, is it me, or ofwe concur the rewriting the obama narrative is happening before our eyes? people always say they build you up, and then they tear you down. i said, they build you up to tear you down. mediathe rub against the in 2008 was that he had the media in his pocket, but that narrative is being rewritten. seems to me now they want to write a narrative where he is going to end up being a two-term jimmy carter, a failed president. >> i think you cannot put two- term and jimmy carter in the same sentence. i think the media is like society where we get tired very quickly. see great sports teams, and people say, i am tired of them winning. i think people get exhausted with the level of success, and that can turn around and become your nemesis where people have seen you as suc
Nov 13, 2013 6:00pm EST
instructed to block is this transactions. now to the continued problems of president obama's health-care overhaul. this afternoon numbers were released for enrollment in the first month, and the numbers were disappointing. just over 106,000 people have signed up, and only 27,000 managed to do so on that website. fewoke with mark just a months ago. how bad is it? but i think it is pretty bad. they were expecting half a million people to sign on. he says it is showing things are going to get that her, and all of that may be true, but this comes after an appalling launch of the website. i think much worse than that, it's not just the enemies of obama turning on this. friends.his >> how damaging is this politically? >> it could be everything about is legacy. if it goes down it will be a terrible black mark against him. we know that because though clinton is running away from it. he believes it, but he also must think, i want to give hillary some distance. >> or a conspiracy. still to come, it was the fight which forever changed the sport of toxic. tonight we look back at the tragic outc
Nov 1, 2013 6:00pm EDT
. ♪ >> in a meeting with iraq's prime minister nouri al-maliki this afternoon, president obama says he wants the countries to be strong partners. with increased violence across iraq, there is a question that the united states is willing to offer greater assistance to secure the country. now maliki would like more military aid, including advisers to train security forces. for more on what the u.s. should do, i spoke with america's former ambassador to iraq a short time ago. should prime minister nouri al- maliki get the military aid he is asking for? >> he should, but with conditions. >> what should they be? >> you cannot win the battle by military and intelligence means alone. you have to have a political vision and political accountability. you have to go after not only those in other ranks who are terrorists but you have to go after people in your own ranks in the government who are oppressing some of these people. >> a rax prime minister is blaming syria for this uptick in violence. is he right to do that or is a convenient? >> he is right to do that, but the middle east is a mess. strugg
Nov 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
cities. toesident obama can't seem catch a break to change american health care. the website is a mess. people are not signing up and republicans are doing what they can to weaken the law. maybe he should take a trip to kentucky. the southern state has become a symbol of success in the rollout of obamacare. mark mardell has been to investigate what is going on. >> kentucky is a land of contrasts, from the beauty of of racehorses to the poverty the rural landscape. it is the worst of the 50 states in cancer, not far from heart disease and premature death. it is the sort of place where obamacare is meant to make a difference. this person hopes it does because she has had some bad news. the cancer is back. >> it is in my bone marrow. i have to stay focused. i have a daughter, you know. >> if you do get greater cover, how much difference will it make? >> a big difference. it might take a load off of me. obama has done something great. you know, for the united states. isple complain that nobody going to be totally satisfied. >> after a month of asking, nobody can tell her what it will mean
Nov 8, 2013 6:00pm EST
, is this any different? >> this is a hopeful moment because the president in washington, barack obama, and rouhani in iran --in order to stop this program they will meet meaningful sanctions relief. be tough for congress to do that. >> there are things united states can do. the treasury department can lift banking sanctions on iran. >> these can be listed -- lifted, but in order to give everyone the binding sanctions this willare seeking, require congressional approval but the u.s., in the short term, can stop freezing billions of dollars in assets. >> what does iran need to do? >> they would have to cap there enrichment of uranium, agreeing to much greater transparency, and it would lead to shifts in stockpiling the low enriched uranium. >> the israeli prime minister is very unhappy about this and said this is the deal of the century bama called him today. how do you think that this went? >> this was very tense, and i am sure president obama is not happy with him trying to sabotage this. there is a distance and netanyahu -- in netanyahu's thinking. he is possibly sabotaging this mili
Nov 22, 2013 12:00am PST
was married to jackie o. there were so many comparisons between brock obama and jenna kennedy when he ran. he got the endorsement of caroline kennedy and ted kennedy. before barack obama, there was the picture of bill clinton shaking jfk's hand at the white house. he tried to get some of that kennedy mystique. i wonder whether or not, when all is said and done, it is impossible, given the cynicism, given the nature of our society, that anybody will ever rise to the celebrity -- to the level of celebrity as president that john kennedy had and still has 50 years later. >> i think you're absolutely right that it would be a monumental achievement. the kind of 24/7 news cycle that presidents have to struggle with -- also, it is the fact that kennedy had an unfinished presidency, and we can write on that blank slate and he thing we want. you know, when the president serves for eight years the way bill clinton did, and now the way barack obama is serving, people see their flaws. they are not able to sustain that kind of magic, the mystique which they enter the office with. kennedy still holds on to
Nov 5, 2013 12:00am PST
. out andkeeps coming convincing everybody that we are trying to take way their rights. barack obama is trying to steal their rights. i do not know. these changes towards peace go so slowly. tavis: that meaning can go a lot of different ways. there is political meeting -- meaning and social meaning and spiritual meaning. talked me about the spiritual meaning. what is the take away for those about -- who believe in that sort of thing? >> the take away is that the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. what would jesus do, what would the disciples do, they show up and they are heartbroken and get everybody water and sit with them and they say more will be revealed and they say this is a very small piece of eternity. i wrote in the book, i felt that god does not show anyone away. the shooter was a child of god. he did not make himself mentally ill. he was born with certain predispositions and this country, especially since reagan was governor of california has given as little as possible for mental health and for the people and cannotry poor get the decent me
Nov 12, 2013 12:00am PST
, and there are so many black women that are part of our culture, from beyoncÉ to michelle obama, you run the list, who is going to play these the wayrs on "snl," so they chose to do with the crisis that is now being brought to the and in "the new york times" everyone else, lisagay, is to spoof it when kerry washington was on the show. it, to mya joke of mind, made a mockery of a very real issue. everybody has their own opinion, lornenl" is a comedy, and michaels can choose to do what he wants to do, but they chose to make a joke out of what is a really we are -- real issue about the lack of opportunities for african-american women in this business. that is a long way to ask you about how you stay so dedicated to the craft, remain in this business, when it seems to be an uphill battle, and that is true for most after his. let's be honest of it, regardless of the collar, they do not roll into work everyday. there are only a handful of people that can greenlight their script. most actors are working actors. but for a black woman, it is even more of an uphill struggle, and when you see a show like "s
Nov 19, 2013 12:00am PST
think that barack obama, do you think that this was martin luther king's vision? no, martin was a leader and barack is a politician. i can be what i was because i never hated anybody. i was dealing with the situation. , i dealing with the family am a fan of the family and the family is a fan of you. , have had friends and students you can see that their parents are holding back. i do not want to say forget your mother or father, but you have to go beyond because you have experiences that are different. look at where we are right now. kids do not know albums. kids do not know record albums. kids do not know landline phones. there is a generation right behind us who will not know television because everything that they will see will be on their iphone. what you have to do is approach whatever it is you're dealing with as you understand and as you can make sense out of it. this is not psychology. writing is not a substitute for your analysts or something. writing is something that you can share that somebody can come back in 40 years -- i wrote my first book in 1968. tavis: what you said ra
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)